The Juju Factor: Being Aware of the Energy that Surrounds You


We found this article at and thought the author did a great job of explaining  juju.

Written by Julie Cohen

This past week my partner and I were used car shopping and we noticed that every time we test drove a car we both commented on the Juju; “Oh that car had bad Juju or this car has great Juju, let’s get it”

Now those of you who are not “Grey’s Anatomy” fans you might be wondering, “what the heck is Juju?”

Juju has several definitions and yes it is a real term. The one I like best says that Juju is the energy or aura that surrounds an inanimate object such as a car or piece of jewelry. I like to extend it to places as well. Have you ever gone someplace and felt really good or bad about being there and all you could attribute that feeling to be was something in the air. That’s Juju.

Being aware of the Juju that surrounds you is especially important if you’re dealing with symptoms of depression or anxiety. A negative environment can swiftly exacerbate your symptoms. For example, if you’re experiencing sadness or nervousness, being around bad juju will make those feelings worse. Similarly, surrounding yourself with good juju can really assist in pulling yourself out of a cycle of depression or anxiety.

If you feel like your whole life is surrounded by bad juju and finding good juju is like searching for a needle in haystack than you must learn to manifest it yourself! Living a conscious life and being an active participant in your own life is essential. Try seeking out activities that promote positive energy such as walking, meditation, yoga, and gardening. Really, it can be anything that you feel good doing.

Another crucial element is socializing. Many people who suffer with mood disorders are experts at isolating. Invite a friend to lunch or to join you on a hike or walk. But be selective about who you ask as people also carry with them positive or negative energy. One way to identify the type of energy one carries is to tune into your own feelings while being around them. Think about how you feel about yourself after you leave that person. If you feel better about YOU after than that person probably carries good juju. However, it should raise a red flag, if they leave you feeling worse than you felt prior to your visit. Making conscious choices about the activities, places and people in your life will help you to manifest good juju.


About Good Juju Company

Good Juju, a woman-owned, Colorado-based company offers a line of apparel in hopes of spreading positivity in the year 2012. Good Juju's merchandise features the symbol of Good Juju, which represents the law of attraction. Good Juju's company founders believe that if one thinks and spreads positivity to others, they will attract more of the same, which in turn spreads exponentially and benefits everyone. Visit their website at

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