The Meaning Of Juju


Many people ask us “What is Good Juju?”  We love the following explanation from our friends at Happyolks.

Ju Ju means energy; the experience of positive and negative forces all around us that charge our lives and shape each unique day on this planet. You know Ju Ju. It’s that thing when you enter a space and get that “off” feeling in your gut telling you it’s time to leave, it’s the woman who smiled at you when you were crossing the street yesterday, the long, warm embrace of your loved ones, the sensation of sand between your toes walking on the shore. It’s the powerful stuff that we pick up on everywhere when we let our intuition take the reigns.

We can give it, receive it, create it, share it, leave it behind, pass it on; you can even give Ju Ju a good kneading like homemade yeast bread. We need good Ju Ju. We need bad Ju Ju too though. The polar forces help guide our decisions, steer our relationships, and challenge us to think about life in new, interesting ways. It’s a balancing act; I think the potential for both kinds of ju ju live in us at once and can be used to direct people when we least expect it. Some people call it vibe, at yoga you’ve probably heard it referred to as Prana… but whatever name you give it, you know that it’s some powerful stuff.

Despite the fact that each day I generally rise to the blessings of good health, supportive relationships, and an intentional purpose; my Ju Ju reserves can still get a little low from time to time. Life gets messy, our heads get fuzzy, and the spark within us can grow dim. When I need good Ju Ju, I call my Mom. She shares her wisdom and light and helps re-ignite my own to honor and pass on to others.

This week my Mom was flanked with a host of givers. I received more good Ju Ju than I knew how to process all at once. Surprise coverage from THE KITCHNFOOD52FOODIECRUSH MAGAZINEFOOD IN JARS, an interview feature with KAILEEN ELISE, and the positive affirmations from readers and friends have been a needed nudge. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your energy with me this week. If I could bottle it, seal it with wax, and send it right back to each of you ten-fold I would.

Too often we disregard the profound impact that our simple words, actions, and intentions can have on the world and one another. Don’t. Seriously. We carry each other; EVERYDAY WE TAKE TURNS BY SHARING OUR JU JU. Give it away and watch it grow.

About Good Juju Company

Good Juju, a woman-owned, Colorado-based company offers a line of apparel in hopes of spreading positivity in the year 2012. Good Juju's merchandise features the symbol of Good Juju, which represents the law of attraction. Good Juju's company founders believe that if one thinks and spreads positivity to others, they will attract more of the same, which in turn spreads exponentially and benefits everyone. Visit their website at

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  2. I called my first doll Juju and I adored her, she was black and I am white.
    I was looking up the meanings of talismans this morning and other words that mean similar and astonishingly discovered that Juju was a proper word! It not only has its roots in Africa which was interesting but means talisman and after finding your definition of the word which I love, it makes so much sense why as a two -three year old I picked up cosmically on that for her name.
    I am now a yoga teacher and specialise in teaching about Prana and the subtle body energy 😊
    Namaste 🙏

    • Thank you for contacting us! Obviously you have Good Juju and you spread goodness and healing as you teach yoga and do your energy work! Thank you for helping to make the world a better place! xx

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