Let It Go

We found this on one of our favorite Facebook pages – www.facebook.com/Good.Juju.from.cecilia  We couldn’t agree more!

Now THIS is just so priceless. “Letting go of negative people doesn’t mean you hate them. It just means that you love yourself.”

No sense wallowing in the mud with the haters; let’s rise above it, I say, and let LOVE be our guiding light. As I’ve read somewhere before, “Let the past make you BETTER, not BITTER.” ♥ cecilia


About Good Juju Company

Good Juju, a woman-owned, Colorado-based company offers a line of apparel in hopes of spreading positivity in the year 2012. Good Juju's merchandise features the symbol of Good Juju, which represents the law of attraction. Good Juju's company founders believe that if one thinks and spreads positivity to others, they will attract more of the same, which in turn spreads exponentially and benefits everyone. Visit their website at www.goodjujucompany.com.

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