Random Acts of Kindness: Take the Challenge


Yesterday, our blog topic was “pay it forward.”  We received a comment from another blogger who celebrated her birthday by performing 45 random acts of kindness in one day.  How’s that for creating good juju?  Her name is Merry and she has now inspired me to do the same.  My  birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks.  I am going to attempt to perform 42 good deeds (yes, I am turning 42). I think Merry’s idea is amazing.  So, if anyone else has a birthday coming up, see if you can also rise to the challenge.

Check out Merry’s random acts of kindness by clicking on the link below:



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  1. Holy cow – what an awesome idea! I might have to do it over a week though … yes, I’ll admit, this is the big 5-0 birthday for me … hmmm … 50 random acts of kindness, will start working on my list now so I’ll be prepared in July! Thank you for starting this ball rolling – absolutely LOVE the idea, will share with others for sure! Blessings, Melissa

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