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Life is About Being Happy


You gotta love this quote…. Enjoy.


Tips for Being a Happy Mom and Creating Good Juju at Home


Rene Syler, who runs the website had these great tips for being a happy mom – which for us means Good Juju for everyone!

Recharge Your Battery
Find something, a hobby or interest that is uniquely your own, and do it regularly. If it’s meeting girlfriends for coffee or wine, if it’s needlepoint, if it’s travel – take the time to indulge yourself in that. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to handle the challenges of motherhood.

Shun Guilt
Once you have found your happiness and recharged your battery, do not feel guilty for doing so. What you need to understand is that by taking care of yourself, you are taking care of your family – creating Good Juju.

Say ‘No’ to Competitive Parenting
Too many times we use others – friends, neighbors, moms in playgroups – as a yardstick for good parenting. You need to be internally driven and parent for the people who matter: those living under your own roof.

Sometimes Good Enough is Perfect
Put out of your mind any hope of attaining perfection. It doesn’t exist in parenting (or life) and you’ll make yourself crazy chasing it. Instead, understand that good enough is just perfect. Sometimes eating pizza out of the box in front of the TV with your kids at your side and your feet on the table, is better than fine. Your kids will learn a lot from a mom who cuts herself some slack, makes mistakes, apologizes and then moves on.