Create Good Juju with your personality


Here are some tips on developing a personality full of Good Juju and one that others cannot resist!

1.  Get in touch with your true self.  Understand your strengths and weaknesses and strive to maximize your full potential as a person. Reflect about who you are and be willing to change yourself for the better to help you achieve your goals.

2.  Be an emphatic listener. Everyone has their share of triumphs and challenges in life and most people are attracted to someone who listens to them talk. The easiest way to gain other people’s confidence is to hear them out and sympathize with what they are going through. Use positive feedback and maintain eye contact while being in their company.

3.  Smile and laugh a lot.  There is no better feeling than to see someone else smile and hear their hearty laugh. Especially on a really tough day. It’s a proven fact that does of smile and laughter in a day inspire us, improve health and benefit both the giver and the receiver. If you are a smiling person, you project a happy disposition and people are naturally attracted to you.

4.  Always be glad and ready to lend a helping hand. A person’s actions mirror the contents of his heart. Find opportunities to help others  If you help somebody, no matter how small lit is, it brings about good feelings and paves the way for the receiver to like and respect you in return.

5.  Be profuse with giving genuine compliments to others. Our tongue has the power to heal or destroy and curse or bless someone.  A person who has an attractive, positive personality always has something nice and pleasant to say to others. Every human being is dying to hear good things about himself and the person who makes him feel good and appreciated is likely the person he loves to be in company with..

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