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Good Juju Tip #11 for a Happy Holiday Season


Tis the season to give and receive.

Send a thank-you note. You know, it’s nice to get a little note thanking you for something you did. You don’t need to send someone a formal thank-you card (although that’s a nice touch), but just a little note (or email) saying thank you for a specific thing the person has done for you can go a long way. And it only takes a minute!

Tip compliments of Zen Habits.


Good Juju Tip #10 for a Happy Holiday Season


The following tip comes to us from the Intent Blog.

Act On What You Know Will Make You Happy, Even It’s Hard

Putting your happiness first isn’t always easy. It often requires going against what everyone else is doing or thinking. But if you aren’t true to what feels right for you, even if it doesn’t fit the needs and sensibilities of other people — parents, partners and friends included – aren’t you just selling yourself out? You always know what the best action is to take for you, it’s just not always easy. Be committed to your happiness, even when it’s scary, and even when other people don’t like it.

Good Juju Be Happy Thermal. Available online at www.goodjujucompany.com

Good Juju Be Happy Thermal. Available online at http://www.goodjujucompany.com

Good Juju Tip #9 for a Happy Holiday Season


The holidays are all about showing others how special they are to us.  Today’s tip of the day comes from Zen Habits.

Give a free hug.  OK, only do this when appropriate … but if you have a loved one in your life, give them a hug! Often we can go too long without showing our affection and gratitude, even to those who are closest to us. Don’t neglect this important part of your relationship. By “free” hug, I mean don’t expect anything in return — just give it as a gift of gratitude. If you give a hug to a stranger, be prepared to run very fast afterward.

Good Juju Tip #6 for a Happy Holiday Season


Feel the Good Juju with the scent of a season favorite.

Peel yourself a clementine When researchers mapped the moods created by certain fragrances, they found the scent of this sweet, juicy fruit more likely to boost joy. Not only will a whiff of one help keep you happy, the vitamin C, calcium, and potassium in it will help keep you healthy too.

Tip compliments of Prevention Magazine.

Good Juju Tip #4 for a Happy Holiday Season


The following holiday tip comes from Carole Brody Fleet.

Treat yourself. Visit a cosmetic counter and try a mini-makeover, which you can generally do free of charge. Book a single spa treatment; this also need not be expensive. Take yourself out to a lovely lunch or quiet dinner at your favorite restaurant or bistro — you really do deserve it.


Good Juju Tip #3 for a Happy Holiday Season


The following tip is compliments of Divine Caroline. Great way to create Good Juju this holiday season.

Remember the Reason for the Season: When you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to get everything done before the big day arrives and the stress of it all starts to overwhelm you, stop and take a breath. Remember what the season is really about. It’s not about getting the perfect gift for your dad or having the perfect tree. Take time to remember what the season is to you. This meaning may lie in your religious beliefs or the traditions you have with your family, but don’t forget to take the time to remember why YOU choose to celebrate this holiday season.

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Create Good Juju by Giving the Gift Of Service


Sometimes the greatest gift you can give to others is service. This holiday season, consider giving your time to a local charity. You’ll feel great, and create Good Juju.